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Introducing the new
Spiral Forged Series


  • Tough tri-layer coating
  • Forged barrel for additional strength
  • Most economically priced forged wheel on the market
The Spiral Forged series wheels are constructed with the latest hybrid casting and forging technology. Forging the wheel barrel adds extra structural strength while the casting center provides curvature and tensile flexibility under load, granting a strength comparable to forged wheels but at a more affordable price.

Winter Wheels
Nordica Series


  • Tough tri-layer coating
  • Winter and harsh-climate wheels
  • Lightweight casting
The Nordica Series wheels are specialized for harsh winter climates or year-round use. Triple-layer coating provides maximum protection against the elements, and the Grey Silver finish makes it easy to refinish after scratches from wear and tear, making them perfect for applications in areas with harsh climates or for year-round use.

Introducing the
All Season Series


  • Tough tri-layer coating
  • All-season wheels (even in winter)
  • Lightweight casting
  • Custom Hyper-Silver finish for brilliant shine
The Velox All-Season Series are stylish and durable wheels made to withstand all seasonal conditions year-round. Fully coated to prevent oxidation from harsh environmental conditions such as snow and rain, the All-Season series wheels are perfect for your ride wherever you may go and regardless of season.

Introducing the
Signature Series


  • Ball cut milling
  • Contrast finishing
  • Intricate casted details
  • Lightweight casting
The Signature Series is a premier line of wheels for the most sought after vehicles. These wheels feature intricate detailing and eye-catching designs that will enhance the look of any vehicle. Intended for mild climates, each signature series wheel features multi-contrast finishes for bold visual differentiation.